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Clients - Transformations and Testimonials
​Michelle monitored my food logs, continually making adjustments to keep my nutrients balanced, avoid digestive discomfort and optimize weight loss. She was always available any time of day or night when I had questions. Her feedback was a constant source of motivation and guidance for me.Changing the way I eat has caused a significant weight loss, but I also sleep better, no longer get post-lunch sleepiness, and my skin and hair have both improved. My confidence is up, and I have more energy than I've ever had. My mood has improved, and my ability to deal with stress is significantly better. All of these things make me a better mom, a better wife, and a better person.
Joel Romo, INBF Natural bodybuilder
In my opinion, I think what makes not just a good coach/nutritional advisor but a great one. Is not just having the skill or knowledge to be able to help someone change their body through a heightened level of understanding and experience of the sciences behind nutrition and exercise. But the genuine concern, attentiveness, and consistent follow thru with a client. To be able to prepare them for their best when they're at their worst, whether it be physically or mentally. And Michelle Shepherd surpasses all that in giant leaps! She is truly a magician! And no competitor ever had a better coach!! 
Dulce GomezNationally qualified NPC bikini athlete
“Hi Michelle, just wanted to say thank you!! I have lost a tremendous amount of weight with the diet you gave me and my stomach issues are all gone !! I haven't felt this good about my body in years , I'm loving the results !!! You’re awesome! Thank you !!”
Laura Dobbins, wife and mother