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About me, Michelle
I did not start working out until I was into my 30's. As I began to implement what I was learning, with the guidance of a great trainer, my body started it's transformation immediately.  Within a year I competed in my first bodybuilding competition (2005).  It was something that I would have never imagined doing.  Competing in 6 shows in 2007, I earned pro status in both bodybuilding and figure in a natural organization, as well as obtaining a World Championship title in figure.  After taking 4 years off from competing, but staying consistent in the gym and keeping a clean diet, I returned to the stage in 2011.  In 2012, I earned IFBB Pro status placing 2nd in my class of 44 at NPC Nationals in Atlanta. What a thrill!  I am now competing as an IFBB Figure Pro.

I am also a Diet Doc Licensee, under the expertise of The Diet Doc, Dr. Joe Klemczewski, PhD., providing accountability and nutritional guidance for those who no longer want to diet, but rather learn how to eat in a healthy and feasible way for life. I am also a Team K Perfect Peaking Director, providing customized macronutrient programming for competition prep. The Team K Coaching staff delivers exceptional support, that is 100% science based, healthy, and flexible. Join us! 
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              NPC Nationals 2012    
Me and Grandma 2011

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